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Top 5 retro gaming consoles in the US

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Console games, time with buddies, so many fabulous memories. But did you ever asked yourself? Top used retro gaming console by US State : For the retro collector who has everything, or for the Japanese culture enthusiast in your life, Nintendo’s Famicom Classic is a rare and delightful gem. It shares a level of build quality (and adorability) with its NES counterpart, but comes with a couple of cult favorites that the US model missed. Filling a couple of obvious holes are River City Ransom and Mario Open Golf, but there are also some lesser-known or Japanese exclusive titles that still hold up well, stuff like platformer Atlantis no Nazo or Tecmo’s puzzler Solomon’s Key. And while the original Final Fantasy is an important piece of history, Final Fantasy III (included on the Famicom) is a better game to actually play in practically every regard.

What can we say about the Playstation 2 that hasn’t been said elsewhere? There’s a reason for the enduring popularity of the system. The quality and quantity of games, the pure strength of the system from a technical point of view and the fact that it’s so sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The Playstation 2 was introduced back in 2000 and holds the distinction of being the highest selling games console of all time, with over 155 million sales of the console and 1.5 billion sales of its 3800+ video games. It also had a 12-year lifespan, with production not stopping until January 2013, seven years after the introduction of the Playstation 3. Perhaps it’s no wonder that it ended up at the top of our list. See more details at Most Popular Retro Gaming Consoles by State.

In 1989, Game Boy took the world by storm and sold 118.69 million units worldwide. The Game Boy was the pioneer of mobile gaming, which was, at one point, just as popular (if not more so) than it is today. The mere thought of being able to play Tetris on an airplane in the palm of your hands with stereo sound was exhilarating. During its lifetime, Game Boy would face and beat multiple contenders in the mobile gaming market like Sega’s Game Gear and the Atari Lynx. Its launch included hit titles like Super Mario Land, Baseball and Tetris. Players could even buy a cable link to play multiplayer games. Along the way, the chubby grey console got a smaller model called the Game Boy Pocket and a colored iteration called the Game Boy Color. If you’ve ever wondered why games are on smartphones, just look to the Game Boy.

If you’ve given up on trying to find the SNES or NES Classic, or are looking for another all-in-one system to complement it, Retro-Bit’s Super Retro-Cade is another solid option for casual gamers. It packs a hefty 90 games—a mix of console and arcade titles—all of which are officially licensed from Capcom, Data East, Irem and Technos. As with Nintendo’s consoles, those games all get upscaled for HDTVs, although PCMag didn’t find the Retro-Bit to do quite as good a job at the conversion (you’ll still get far better results than you will plugging in an old NES, however).

The NES Classic may have started off this craze, but going all the way back to the 80s might cause a bit of gaming jet lag. The older 8-bit games, with their extremely simple graphics, sounds, and two-button control schemes, haven’t aged as well in reality as they might have in your memory. The SNES Classic is the way to go. Not only are the Super Nintendo games featured in its collection much more palatable than the older NES games, it’s an overall better group. Timeless Nintendo classics like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Mario Kart, and Donkey Kong Country are joined by third-party all stars like Mega Man X, Street Fighter II, and Super Castlevania IV. The SNES’s rich RPG legacy is also honored, with Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy III, and Secret of Mana, but Chrono Trigger is an unfortunate no-show. Star Fox 2, an SNES sequel that was developed but never released, gets a world premiere on this new hardware. Naturally, the SNES Classic plays all of these games over HDMI, and there are some excellent accessories offered for the hardware, too.


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